Sunday, November 7, 2010

Review - Lakme Daily Wear Souffle

Product Details:
Name: Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle
Brand: Lakme
Quantity: 30ml
Price: Rs. 99 
Ingredients: Not mentioned.
Expiry: Best before 24 months from Pkd. 
Description: Discover Lakme's Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle. A lightweight water-based foundation that gently evens out your complexion. With the goodness of Sunscreen, Cucumber Extracts and Vitamin E, it provides UV protection in addition to soothing and moisturising your skin, giving you a natural flawless glow. 
Available in 3 shades: Pearl, Marble & Shell
How to use: For long lasting, flawless radiance, apply before stepping out everyday!  
Review: I bought this last year coz I thought it would be lighter than a proper foundation. 
Packaging: The product comes in an adorable, sturdy glass jar, with a plastic twist-top lid. A jar means that you have to dig it out with your fingers! But it also means that you will get out every last bit of the product. However, there is the possibility of the product drying out as it has a fairly wide mouth. To stall the drying, Lakme has also provided a flat, plastic covering that sits firmly on the mouth of the jar. 
Smell: It has the typical Lakme foundation smell - kinda clayish. This really tickles my nose. 
Formulation: The consistency of the souffle is not smooth or creamy, but rather lumpy. It looks exactly like home-made yoghurt, but with colour!
Shade: Only 3 shades are available and there is a discrepancy between the shade names on the website & those available. Since these 3 shades have to work for countless Indian skin tones, they are extremely sheer. I have this in the shade Natural Marble meant for Fair to Wheatish skin. It is kinda orangy when first applied, but sheers out. 
Look at the circled part of my hand. The souffle looks orange even after blending out. 
What I :
  • Very sheer - will work for many skin tones.
  • Gives skin nice glow.
  • Skin looks polished. Great for the no-makeup look
  • Doesn't look made up or heavy. 
  • Blends easily.
  • Cute jar.
  • Very inexpensive. Great for school/college going girls & beginners.
  • Lot of product in jar.
  • Product hasn't dried out even after several months. 
  • Will be very moisturising for dry skin or during winters.
What I don't 
  • Container is not hygienic. 
  • Smells weird - makes me wanna sneeze.
  • Consistency is kinda lumpy.
  • Not enough skin tones will be covered. 
  • Has tendency to turn streaky if you apply too much. 
  • Makes my oily skin feel kinda sticky - has to be set with powder.
  • Will transfer onto phones, clothes, etc. Also wipes off easily.
  • If you sweat, it will melt - not great for oily skin/summers/monsoons. 
  • Sheer & not much coverage provided. Doesn't even out the skin tone. 
  • Looks orange-ish on me. 
  • No ingredients mentioned.
  • Supposed to have'sunscreens' & 'UV' protection, but no sun protection factor mentioned. 
Rating: 2.5/5 
Repurchase: No. This didn't work for me.
Recommendation: There are a lot of better products out there, if you're willing to pay a little more. Lakme's other foundations are better than this. However, if you're in college or are a beginners then it's a good product to get you started.

~ love, 


  1. i am glad that i was never tempted to buy this... :)

  2. whoa tats just too many cons and i loved wat u said"am abt to toss it so u know wat i think" lol. anyway great review as usual :)

  3. hey, i bought this as well.It was moisturizing for me because its quite watery and didnt make my skin flakey but honestly the shade i have is so 'orange'. I compared it with my other lakme foundations both of which have a yellow undertone and this one is just orange. And yr right. Its so sheer its of pretty much no use. You should get Lakme silk naturelle foundation. I like that one. I guess getting a good product for 99/- is always going to be too much to ask for.

  4. Hey even I have this and your review is somewhat similar to mine.
    I don't like this too. It leaves kind of patches on my skin after applying it.

  5. I have tried it in the very beginning when the thing was launched and I hated the consistency and it doesn't do anything to the skin..

  6. @ Rentu - Good you didn't buy. I've listed so many cons for it :P
    @ Anju - lol thanks
    @ Mehak - I hadn't thought that it would be moisturising enough for dry skin, but I guess that's one more plus point for the product. I did check out the silk natural one after reading your review & I really liked it. But then I don't wear foundation too much so I didn't buy it.
    @ Rakhshanda - One more bad point...I'm not surprised!
    @ SSG - Completely agreed. I had seen the ads when it was launched & it sounded wonderful. I wonder how many people are still buying it.

  7. I bought this back when I was in college and I hated it. It was soo sticky. And nothing would change that. Soo annoying. But yea, like mehak said, it was moisturizing for my dry skin.

  8. @ Ladylavender - This product is probably bought the most by college students who don't have much cash on hand. Maybe that's why it's still selling...