Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sand Rose & Taupe - 2 Nude Matte Eye Liners

For several years I was fascinated by nude eye liners. Being someone with small eyes, I have understood the importance of these. I badly wanted to own them. However, nothing of the sort was available here (this was many years ago). Only white was available, that too shimmery, stark white. 

Thankfully, that has changed in recent years. I now have 4 nude eye liners - 2 shimmery & 2 matte. Here are the two matte shades - Bourjois Effect Smoky in Sand Rose & Rimmel Scandaleyes in Taupe. 

Left- Sand Rose; R- Taupe.

These are different colours. Sand Rose is a greyish-pink, while Taupe is a greyish-brown. In the hand swatches, they look quite stark, but both appear differently on the eyes. 

Left- Sand Rose; R- Taupe.

Left- Sand Rose; R- Taupe.

Both look very subtle and do open up the eyes. If you like the no-makeup look, you will love these. I used to wear these when I was too lazy to wear any makeup, but needed something as I looked tired. I found Taupe to look much more natural on my skin than Sand Rose. Sand Rose has a quality that makes it look like I have an eye infection if it is applied too starkly, so I really have to apply with a light hand or smudge it out. 

Bourjois Sand Rose
bare eye

Bourjois Sand Rose

Rimmel Taupe
bare eye

Rimmel Taupe

Both the liners are available in stores in India. Both cost under 350 bucks (when I bought them). However, I absolutely hate the Taupe one as it irritates my eye. I've tried using it on a number of separate occasions. Each time, it made my eyes itch and water like crazy. I ended up washing it off every time. But thankfully, Sand Rose does not have the same effect on my eyes. I actually tried for ages to get my hand on Rimmel Nude, but since it is from the same collection, it might fare similarly on my eyes.

These can also be used as brow bone highlighters and to highlight the inner corner of the eyes. I know these are matte, but they add a different look when used in this way.

Now that I've tried these, I like them, but there's nothing like lining your eyes with Kajal. If I can take the time out to line my eyes with these, I might as well line them with kajal. Maybe that's just the Indian in me talking, but I don't think these are necessary to have, but they are nice.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Revlon Color Burst Soft Rose & Rosy Nude

Here is a quick review and comparison of two Revlon Color Burst lipsticks - Soft Rose & Rosy Nude. These are the only Revlon lipsticks that I own at present. Both are soft, 'rosy' pinks as the names suggest. However, they are quite different.

L- Soft Rose; R- Rosy Nude

L- Soft Rose; R- Rosy Nude

As you can see from the swatches below, Soft Rose is lighter & more pink, whereas Rosy Nude is darker & has more brown. However, both are warm pinks, bordering on neutral. So they should ideally look good on people of all undertones.

L- Soft Rose; R- Rosy Nude

Since these are from the same range & of a similar colour, the formulation is the same. Both feel comfortable on the lips. As I have dry lips, I prefer to moisturise before-hand. However, I don't find these drying. These lipsticks have great slip. But they don't last on my lips at all. They transfers very easily onto everything. 

Here they are on my lips. 
Taken in natural light.
Soft Rose
Rosy Nude

Taken in artificial light.
Soft Rose
Rosy Nude

I know this brand is considered 'drug store' in other countries, but I don't think it qualifies as such here in India. I paid 600+ for each lipstick - that is expensive in my opinion. This is the only reason why I have just 2 shades. I picked out the two shades that I felt I would use the most - soft, neutral pinks. Also, I bought these a long time after they were released, which is why the lids don't have the coloured tips.

Having said that, I really love both these shades as they are complete neutrals and can be work anytime, anywhere. Because they're so comfortable to wear, I wear them all the time - work or otherwise. But I don't carry them in my handbag as I live in Chennai & have to worry about stuff melting in my bags. I think their popularity is completely justified as they would suit people of different complexions - these would look like brightening colours on fair skin & soft nudes on dark skin. If I ever get around to finishing these, I would absolutely repurchase.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Maybelline Spiced Up in Berry Sherbet, Spicy Cinnamon & Tropical Punch

Here are the not-so-new Maybelline Spiced Up lip balms. I have all three - Berry Sherbet, Spicy Cinnamon and Tropical Punch.

Some product info:
Each of these is Rs 175 for 4 grams of product.
These have a shelf life of 36 months.
It is supposed to contain coconut oil & vitamin E, but there is no ingredient list.

Here's what the packaging says (it's the same for all three)




All taken in natural light


Berry Sherbet is a gorgeous berry, maroon-red shade on my lips. 
It has a berryish fragrance, but not the usual strawberry; this is something that has enough tartiness to keep it far away from the sickly sweet territory.
The scent is quite strong, but not at all unpleasant.

Spicy Cinnamon is a light brown tint - very unusual for lip balms. This is the most natural looking balm. It looks like 'my lips but glossier'. It would make a great 'nude' balm for us Indians. 
Unfortunately, it has a very artificial fragrance - something like toothpaste (which has cinnamon in it). It smells really strange and I don't think it suits the name. The scent should have been more organic.

Tropical Punch is a medium pink - lighter than Berry Sherbet, but not a 'light' pink (see the comparison with Pink Lolita). It is similar to Cranberry Jam. Cranberry is more pink, while this is more plummy, but in photos the difference is undetectable. 
The scent of this is very similar to Berry Sherbet - berryish with just a whiff of something tangy. But this is a much, much lighter scent compared to Berry, almost undetectable.

Top to bottom - Berry Sherbet, Spicy Cinnamon & Tropical Punch.
These hand swatches are deceiving. Berry looks sheerer than Tropical, but on the lips it's just the opposite.

Comparison of (top to bottom) Cranberry Jam, Tropical Punch, & Pink Lolita

I wore these balms for more than 2 months. Here are my thoughts on them: 
  • They have SPF 20, which is awesome!
  • These are very glossy, as you can see. 
  • They are extremely moisturising.
  • The balms feel really light & glide easily, but are thick enough that they don't wipe off the lips very easily. You can feel the balm on your lips.
  • The packaging is cute as similar to the other Maybelline lip balms. But I have found in the other lip balms that the cap/lid becomes loose & stops getting attached firmly to the body over a period of time. I don't know why, but it's the same with all the similarly encased Maybelline tubes that I have.
  • I find them generally more pigmented than the other Maybelline ones (see here). 
  • The tints are deep and much more suitable for darker skin, which is to be expected as these were specially created for Indians. 
  • Berry Sherbet is the most pigmented. On me, this is as good as a slightly sheer lipstick. This is also very 'visible' as a colour; not subtle but brightening. 
  • Spicy Cinnamon is next in terms of pigmentation, followed by Tropical Punch. Tropical Punch is extremely disappointing - it's very, very sheer. Spicy Cinnamon is also sheer, but not as much & because it has an unusual light brown colour, I expected it to be on the sheer side.
  • These don't contain shimmer (Yes!)
  • These balms are flavoured, but differently & the potency varies as well. The scents disappear after a while.
  • I don't mind the Berry Sherbet & Tropical Punch scents, but I dislike the Spicy Cinnamon one. 
  • These don't last 12 hours on my lips (nothing does), but these have better staying power than most lip balms because of the slightly thicker texture. 
  • These do outlast a meal in terms of moisturisation. 
  • In terms of colour, all three can somewhat withstand meals. Spicy Cinnamon wears off, especially in the centre of the lips and because it is such a natural colour, it becomes barely visible. Tropical Punch also wears off in the middle, but is generally still there. Berry Sherbet can weather meals the best, wearing off just a bit in the centre. 
  • Without doubt, Berry Sherbet is my favourite (really pigmented), followed by Spicy Cinnamon (unusual colour). Tropical Punch is avoidable.
  • If you have to get only one, I would suggest Berry Sherbet.
  • These are on the expensive side for lip balms, but for the quality I don't think they're as expensive as some other brands (TBS, for example). 
  • All in all, I think Maybelline have nailed the big 4 requirements for lip balms - High SPF, moisturisation, decent staying power (it's a balm after all) and high pigmentation. A big thumbs up from me!

P.S. Two lip balms were sent for review.