Monday, July 20, 2015

8 Maybelline Lip Balms

In case I have not mentioned it earlier, I am a lip balm addict. Not only do I have 8 Nivea lip balms, but also 8 Maybelline lip balms. These are not all from the same range & were purchased at different points of time, but all are loved. Here they are in the order in which they were purchased.

This is from the Lip Smooth Color Bloom range.

This is also from the Lip Smooth Color Bloom range.

This is from the first Baby Lips range that was released. It was just 90 or 99 bucks. It is not available anymore (discontinued).

Also from the original Baby Lips range. Not available anymore.

This is from the second Baby Lips range that was released called, Baby Lips Loves Color. This range was released in place of the above one.

This is part of the Baby Lips Lipcare range, which features only colourless balms. 

Also from the Baby Lips Lipcare range.

This is from the Baby Lips Electro Pop range. 

All swatches were taken in natural light

Bare lips

Peach Blossom

Pink Blossom

Cranberry Jam


Pink Lolita

Lychee Addict

Watermelon Smooth

Pink Shock

A few points about the lip balms. 
  • As mentioned above, these are from different ranges and Cranberry Jam & Cherry are no longer available. However, there will be similar shades available in the Baby Lips Loves Color range, as it was supposed to be a reformulated, repackaged, updated release of the original.
  • Lychee Addict & Watermelon Smooth are colourless; all the others are tinted. 
  • Baring Pink Shock, all have SPF. However, according to the Maybelline India website, the 2 blossoms also don't have SPF. But I clearly remember seeing SPF 15 or 16 mentioned on the packaging of both of these (which I purchased when they were first released). So I think the formulation must have changed to make them non-SPF.
  • Peach Blossom & Pink Blossom have an SPF of 15 and the others have an SPF of 20. 
  • Cranberry Jam, Cherry & Pink Lolita are the most moisturising. 
  • Peach Blossom, Pink Blossom & Pink Shock are the least moisturising. 
  • All the balms are glossy & extremely smooth-textured.
  • None of the balms have shimmer, which I really appreciate. However, in the photos, it looks as if Pink Lolita has shimmer. I'm not sure though, as I cannot see it in person & can't feel it at all.
  • All the balms are scented, varying in degree.
  • I don't find any of the scents obnoxious; all are subtle.  
  • Lychee Addict & Watermelon Smooth have the best scents - very light, fresh & summery. 
  • All the others have normal, quintessential 'lip balm' smells. 
  • According to the Maybelline website, all the balms cost between 135 & 165 bucks. However, most were cheaper when I bought them. 
  • My absolute favourite is Cranberry Jam, followed by Pink Lolita. 
  • However, I have almost finished Cranberry Jam, Peach Blossom & Pink Blossom. 
  • Peach & Pink Blossom look white/colourless, but they change colour once on the lips. 
  • A lot of bloggers complained that Peach Blossom was colourless on their lips, but I had no such issues. 
  • I always love wearing Peach Blossom under lipsticks because even after the lipstick wears off, there is a slight tint left. 
  • Pink Blossom is the most pigmented, followed by Pink Shock. Both have a bright pinkish-fuchsia colour. Both of these stain the lips.
  • Pink Blossom has the most staying power; it even survives meals for me. 
  • Pink Shock is the next in staying power. 
  • All others have poor staying power and are wiped off with meals & sipping water. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Splotchy Pink n Blue Nail Art

This is the first time in 2-2.5 years that I've painted my nails, much less done nail art, so I thought I'd do something really simple. And nothing is simpler than plastic wrap nail art. This is the second time that I've done it. Unfortunately, I don't have pics of the first time, even though it came out really well (much better than this).

natural light pic
artificial light pic
artificial light

For this nail art, all you need is 2 nail polishes and a small piece of plastic wrap or cling film. That's it. It would help if the colours were contrasting, like what I've used.

Maybelline Sexy & Avon Misty Blue

There are two ways of doing this.
Method 1: Paint your nails in one colour. Apply enough coats till you get opaque colour. Let it dry completely. Then take a small piece of plastic wrap. Crush it roughly. Now take the other nail polish & apply it to the crushed plastic wrap here and there. Then dab the nail polish-coated plastic wrap onto your nails randomly. Do it gently. This is what makes the splotches. After this, apply a top coat and you're done! This is the method I have used.

in natural light

Method 2: Paint your nails in one colour as above as let it dry completely. Now paint your nails in the other colour. Take a piece of plastic wrap, crush it & dab it on your nail. This will cause the 2nd colour to splotch. Make sure that you do one nail completely, before doing another, or else the 2nd colour will end up drying on your nail. I tried this on my toe as you can see below. I used Maybelline Sexy as the base colour and another Avon blue shade on top, which was shimmery & quite sheer.

artificial light

natural light

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Adventures of Dum Dum: Tales of Perseverance, and a little luck

Let me tell you the story of a girl, Miss Dum Dum. This girl loved cute, pretty, colourful things like makeup & nail polish. Even though she was a bit dull, she loved to read all about the latest trends. So she read all the blogs & watched all the videos about the latest nail art or the newest, best way to apply foundation (which is the same as the oldest way of applying/a toothbrush lookalike apparently). One fine day, Miss Dum Dum saw a wonderful video about nail stamping. Could this be real? A supremely intricate design and not much effort. It was wonderful! And right up Miss Dum Dum's alley. You see, Miss Dum Dum was 'creatively challenged'. She was, as they say, all thumbs, someone who could mess up painting a large wall with a large brush. So she was very excited about this new nail stamping trend. She searched for information about it in the Encyclopedia for Dummies Lazies - Google search. She voraciously read everything she could about it - she couldn't get enough. She watched all the videos, with her mouth hanging open - her appetite had been whetted! She searched high and low for the tools required to do this nail art thing. After years of searching, she finally managed to get her hands on a stamping kit. She graspingly grabbed the tools and proceeded to do try out nail stamping.

In just a few seconds, her dreams of perfectly designed nail art were to come true! She had waited far too long!! So with baited breathe, she applied the polish onto the plate and scraped it off with shaking hands....but the scraper had scraped off everything! Never mind, her hands were shaking. She'll try it again. Apply, scrape...and nothing once again. No problem...teething problems. Apply again, scrape and this time only a tiny portion of the design was left. How could this be?

Miss Dum Dum was aghast. All those videos and blogs made it look so easy. Was it really so complicated? Miss Dum Dum admitted to herself that she had no talent for fine hand work, which is precisely why she had chosen to do nail art. She tried, and tried again. But alas, with the same result - either an indistinct tiny mark from a corner of the design or all the colour being scraped off. But after so many repeated failures, she thought that it can't all be her fault; maybe the plate is faulty. So she bought 2 more plates. Unfortunately she had the same problem with those two as well.

So after countless tries, Miss Dum Dum stopped. She felt that she had been cheated by fate by receiving 3 plates, all of which were faulty. She put the nail art supplies in a box and hid it away. She forgot all about it before long. But every now and then, she would pull out her supplies and give it a try. But invariably she would fail. So she stopped trying and stopped watching stamping videos and stamping blogs.

Then one fine day, Miss Dum Dum once again saw a stray photo about nail stamping. This time she researched even deeper into nail stamping and found out tips and tricks that many experts swore by. The foremost of which was 'try and try again'. So with new-found enthusiasm, she started trying, making sure to remember her the new tips. She tried - the first attempt wasn't successful, but it wasn't a failure. Some aspects of the nail design were visible! Recharged she tried and tried again. She used different nail polishes to test them out - some were mildly successful and some failed. But this time, Miss Dum Dum wasn't disheartened. She kept trying out different designs on the plate in turn. If one didn't work out, she would wipe and try another one. After more than 10 tries, as she was wiping off the nail polish from a stamping, she found some bubbling on the stamping plate. She tried wiping it harder, but it was still bubbling.
All efforts circled
It struck her like lightning - it was a nice very fine film of cling wrap. She found that the plastic was pasted onto the entire plate to protect the designs from scratches. And this was the case with all three plates.And here was Miss Dum Dum trying to stamp on top of that! Could this be the reason her nail art tries were failing? With trembling fingers and bated breathe Miss Dum Dum peeled off the plastic from the plate and tried stamping one design. It came out perfectly! Miss Dum Dum was ecstatic! Nail stamping was finally working, years after she'd bought her first set. 'Hurrah' she cried happily, whilst ignoring the extremely vague, but nagging memory of reading somewhere that the plates come with a plastic seal on them (which she had read years ago and promptly forgotten) or maybe seeing the edge of the plastic, thinking she'd remove it some other time and then completely forgetting.

At the end of the day, perseverance was victorious, even if Miss Dum Dum's memory wasn't.

The End.